Young Cancer-Battling Girl Takes Center Stage At Crufts

Young Cancer-Battling Girl Takes Center Stage At Crufts 2024

Echo and Freya Harris, from Lincolnshire, have a unique bond.

Devastatingly, 8-year-old Freya was diagnosed with a rare form of stage 4 cancer in 2021 and had to undergo surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, with this gruelling treatment ongoing for over a year.

Facing such adversity, pain and trauma, it was her Australian Shepherd dog and best friend, Echo, who helped her to pull through, and the pair incredibly made it to Crufts last year, overcoming all the odds and fulfilling Freya’s childhood dream.

Freya’s love of dogs started at an early age, when she would help her mum, Gemma, who used to work as a dog walker, and the two would always watch Crufts on TV together.

Gemma and Rikki, Freya's father, thought that puppy Echo would help to encourage their daughter to go for walks after having to spend weeks at a time in hospital.

Surpassing all expectations, Freya didn’t just go for walks with Echo, she also took up the hobby of dog showing, following a dream she’d had since she was little.

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