DON’T TOUCH pugs new toy!

Here's Maggie the adorable pug making the best noises when she's given a new toy.

He seems to love her new toy so much that she lets anyone around who dare to attempt taking it away from her know her disapproval!

She's such a funny Pug… but my cute cat in the background doesn't seem to care at all!! LOL

Watch this short video clip on the next page as cute little pug Maggie expresses her disapproval as if to say “DON’T TOUCH my new toy!” in her own, adorable way!

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40 thoughts on “DON’T TOUCH pugs new toy!

  1. As the owner of two incredibly well behaved and socialized pugs, I’d say I know them fairly well. And regardless of a breeds tendencies to be kind or not, growling over a toy should not be encouraged.

  2. It’s a cute pug. But teaching them to guard something is never ok. Pugs can become very aggressive if they don’t have boundaries. My pug does not guard anything because if he gets something he knows I can take it away whenever I want and he has to let me before he gets it back.

  3. As I said you don’t know them very well I’ve been involved with pugs for over 40 years and to see this in the video is just there way of having some fun and communicating with its owners no harm in that I have never seen a pug be aggressive towards a human of even heard of they gave an extremely placid tolerable and loving nature

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