Blind Stray Hears Someone In Front Of Him And Lashes Out In Fear

Hope For Paws received a call about a homeless dog who needed help. Eldad set out to find the stray hiding in the bushes on someone’s property, and the dog made it clear he didn’t want anyone around.

Eldad figured the dog was in pain after being hit by a car and lashing out because of that.

He was eventually able to capture the pup with the gentle snare, and then he took a moment to gain the dog’s trust. The dog stood up, so he clearly had no broken bones.

He also had no microchip, so Eldad named him Dolittle and headed off to the pet spa before going to the hospital.

It was there that Eldad realized Dolittle was partially blind. The dog had been acting out and paralyzed by the fear of moving around while blind.

He had eye surgery to correct his vision, and now Dolittle just needs that loving forever home! 🙂

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