These dogs playing hide-and-seek with their owners will make your day

Hide and seek is a fun game to play with your dog – but it’s also much more than that.

It’s a very special bonding experience. It teaches your dog that staying close to you is rewarding. You’ll love watching your dog look for you from your hiding spots. It’s amazing how quickly they learn the game, and begin to search in areas you’ve hidden before.

Hide and seek also provides the physical and mental stimulation your dog needs to stay happy and out of mischief.

It’s fun to play outdoors to strengthen recall in different areas. But when it’s too cold, you can break out some pillows and blankets to create endless hiding spots inside your home.

Check out these dogs playing hide-and-seek with their owners in the video below. Watching this will have you in stitches, guaranteed! …and SHARE this with your friends and family to spread a smile! 🙂

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