Dad Asks Which Dog Made The Giant Mess, Gets Hilarious Straightforward Answer

Dogs will be dogs! As much as we spoil them, sometimes it’s just not enough. Whether they feel like finding another snack, having a play session with one of your shoes, or just exploring for curiosity’s sake, they can be led into some shenanigans and we may not be too thrilled about it. Just look at Charlie and his sister below — Dad’s not happy!

“I wanna know who’s responsible for this. Who did that?” Dad asks his guilty looking dogs. While the one is actually wearing stuffing from whatever it was they tore up, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s the only one to blame. Who started it? Who actually made the mess?

“Do you know who it was, Charlie?” Dad asks, trying to get to the bottom of this. And he gets a surprisingly hilarious straightforward response. Charlie points directly at his sister! Well, that was easy enough! I bet their dad didn’t expect it to be such an easy case to crack. 🙂

The mystery is solved! Charlie had no problem ratting out his sister. Can you believe it? I can’t stop laughing! If only everything were this easy, we could save ourselves lots of time and energy. 😀

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These Dogs Solve A Challenging Whodunnit

Finally – TV's greatest mystery is solved!

Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos on Thursday, December 8, 2016

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