Dumped Dog With Potato Chip-Like Scales Looked “Unrecognizable” After He Was Rescued

You know those extreme makeovers that you see with women where you really can’t believe the person ‘after’ is the same person you saw in the ‘before’ image?

Well, this is one of those transformations, and wow, is it ever amazing!

In this case, it’s Augustus the dog that is going to have you in disbelief. When you first see him, he’s covered in hard, thick scales, the victim of horrible abuse and neglect.

Once the people with the Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA) got involved, it was like he got a second life.

He had to be treated in the hospital for weeks, getting antibiotics and a daily gel treatment to peel off the painful scales that formed on his coat.

Nobody knew what breed he was—in fact, some questioned if he was even a dog. But after enough love and care, we finally see not only is he still full of life, but he’s also a healthy, beautiful pup.

This video is going to really amaze you—especially when you see him at about 1:09 in. He really is gorgeous!

Note: This video contains content that may be disturbing for some viewers.

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