Doggy daycare goes viral with adorable morning bus rides for dogs

Not all dog owners can be with their pets 24/7, so thankfully there are “doggy daycares” that will look after your dog for the day.

These places allow dogs to run around and socialize with other dogs while their owners are at work, and the scenes inside are often very adorable.

Now, one doggy daycare is going viral thanks to the unique and adorable way they pick up their clients.

Mo Thompson and her husband operate a doggy daycare business called Mo Mountains Mutts in Skagway, Alaska — and their work day starts with picking up the dogs in the most adorable way possible:

That’s right, the couple has their very own bus, where they give a ride to the dogs, like a school bus taking kids to class.

Videos of their morning pickups have gone viral on TikTok — one has been viewed over 52 million times — and it’s not hard to see why. It’s truly adorable to see these dogs waiting for the bus, then getting on and politely choosing their seat.

It’s clear that these are all good dogs who trust the couple. Every time a pet gets on board, they couple greets them by name: “Good morning, Jake!” Once on board, the couple buckle the dogs in by their collars.

Mo said that she had always wanted her very own bus for the dogs, but it took some time to get there.

I started out on my bike, then I had a minivan, then I had a large van. One day in the middle of my route my tire fell off my big van,” Mo told FOX Television Stations. “I put out a message on my local community page looking for a large van or a short bus. I scored a bus that had been sitting because of COVID.” 

Mo said the business has grown over time, and credits the help of her husband for making it happen.

The owners are happy for their viral fame, and for the joy the videos have brought millions of people.

“I hope it makes people smile,” Mo told FOX. “I also hope that it motivates people to exercise and train their dogs.”

What an adorable idea. These dogs are starting the morning right and heading to daycare in style ❤️

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