Doggie Day Trips: A Bus for Canine Adventures

For the better half of this decade, dogs that would otherwise be confined to their homes in Skagway, Alaska, have had access to a special service that helps them make friends and have fun. 

Mo Mountain Mutts picks up two to three dozen doggies on a bus — similar to what your kids may ride to school — to take them on adventure hikes, beach walks, and other nature runs. Mo Thompson and her husband Lee bought the vehicle and they offer door to door service, picking up their four legged travelers at their clients’ homes. 

“We love it!” Said Thompson.

So do the pups as obvious in this TikTok video @Mo_Mountain_Mutts

Passengers pick their own seats. Thompson fastens seat belts and distributes snacks for the ride. 

“We have so much fun working together with the dogs.”

Source: The Dodo

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