These Dogs Are About To Go Home From ‘Daycare’ In The Sweetest Way Possible

School provides an opportunity for children to learn, but it has another function; it acts as a day care while parents are away at work. School buses allow students whose parents are busy to make it to school. One woman had a similar idea, but for dogs. This doggie daycare is just too cute.

Source: Good Hands Boarding Kennels

Good Hands Boarding Kennels is an organization located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. They are dedicated to giving pets a place to play while their owners are at work. Since Good Hands is located in Canada, a busy schedule isn’t the only thing that can keep pet parents from dropping their animals off at day care. The weather can also be a huge factor.

Source: Good Hands Boarding Kennels

Driving on the icy or snowy winter-time roads can be extremely dangerous, and the journey is not easy. That’s why Good Hands came up with the ingenious idea of a doggie school bus. Pups can now ride alongside their friends as they make their way to the facility.

The dogs are transported in their own cages so that they are safe and separated. The bus fits up to 10 cages, and it comes to each house rain or shine.

Source: Good Hands Boarding Kennels

Once the animals arrive at the Good Hands property, they are free to do as they wish. Each morning a string of excited dogs bolts out of the bus and into the puppy play ground. Here they can do as they please.

The daycare is a lot of fun for the pups. It is fully equipped with everything they could ever want, from a swimming pool, to balls for fetching, to seesaws and sandpits. It’s like an animal utopia, and the dogs always have a blast.

Source: Good Hands Boarding Kennels

This school bus might make life easier for the owners, but the focus is all about the pets. “If the dogs can’t make it for whatever reason, I hate the thoughts of them sitting at home all day bored or in a crate when they could be here playing,” explained a worker from Good Hands. So I said, ‘We’ve got to go get them!'”

This is such an amazing way to make sure animals are getting the exercise and attention they need throughout the day. The daycare even celebrates doggie birthdays and other holidays.

Source: Good Hands Boarding Kennels

Sometimes, parents send their pup with a backpack full of his favorite snacks and toys.

Source: Good Hands Boarding Kennels

Some pups might be stuck inside while their owners are at work, but the dogs of Cape Breton have it made. Hopefully more animal organizations will follow suit.

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