Paralyzed Dog Is About To Be Put Down When A Vet Spots Tick Behind His Ear

It came on all of the sudden. Falline Fate’s dog Ollie was having difficulty walking and standing up. Like any worried parent, Falline rushed Ollie to the veterinarian. But after thoroughly checking him over, the vets could not determine what was causing his sudden paralysis.

The collie did not appear to have any broken vertebrae or head trauma. Cancer wasn’t present. But when Ollie could no longer stand up or walk, and he stopped urinating or defecating, the family had to make a tough decision… it was time to let Ollie go.

Ollie was about to be put down when a vet intern spotted a small black dot behind Ollie’s ear and took a closer look. It was a tick. That’s when doctors realized the small insect might be responsible for Ollie’s sudden paralysis.

It turned out the tick was the cause.

“He was in the room about to get put to sleep and it was just pure Grace that the people found something and decided to check it out,” said Falline of Ollie’s miraculous last-minute pardon.

Tick paralysis is rare, but can be caused by certain ticks. Ollie had likely picked up the tick on a recent camping trip. He was shaved down to check that no other nasty ticks were hiding in his skin and once the tick was removed, it took just hours for Ollie to recover his mobility. Incredible!

This story is a good remember to be careful to watch out for ticks with all your family members during the summer months. If you find a tick, here’s how to safely remove it.

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