Dog Survives In A Badger Hole For 12 Days

Victoria Hogan, Freda’s owner, was devastated when her border terrier was trapped underground after darting down the hole during their walk.

Hoping for her safe return, Victoria camped out in the woods for 8 days. “I camped out for eight days in the hope that Freda would somehow miraculously re-emerge,” she said.

“On day eight, I just said to myself ‘I have to give up and begin to grieve’ and went back home, although I did leave her blanket and bowl behind in the park just in case.

After 12 days, 3 students found Freda collapsed on the roadside.”Then, on day 12, I was told three students had found Freda collapsed at the side of a nearby road and I initially feared the worst and thought it must be her dead body.

“She was severely malnourished and dehydrated and had some significant pressure sores as a result of being trapped and wedged underground for so long but, thankfully, nothing that she could not overcome.” Brian, Black Vets clinical director said. “I’ve been a vet for almost 30 years but Freda’s story is one of the most incredible I’ve ever known.

Freda was rushed to Blacks Vets’ veterinary hospital in Dudley, West Midlands, for urgent treatment, and is now recovering well.

For Victoria and Brian, it was a miracle that Freda survived. They were happy that after 12 days of hoping, Freda was found and was able to get the medical help she needed with the help of the vets.

“They were all fabulous and I now fully realize just how important it is for vets to provide a 24/7 emergency service that can make the difference in cases such as Freda’s,” Brian said.

Finally, Freda is home and reunited with his brother.

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