Dog Stomps Feet When Told She Can’t Go Outside

Dog Stomps Feet When Told She Can’t Go Outside

Mya is a 12 year old stubborn and strong willed Australian Shepherd that is used to having things go her way.

Why do dogs throw tantrums?

Dogs are known for their playful and excitable nature, but sometimes they can get a little too carried away.

When this happens, they may start to throw tantrums – running around wildly, barking and howling, and generally causing a nuisance.

But why do dogs throw tantrums in the first place? There are a few possible explanations.

For one thing, tantrums may be a dog’s way of releasing excess energy. If a dog has been cooped up inside all day, or hasn’t had enough exercise, they may start to feel restless and pent-up. Throwing a tantrum allows them to let off steam and burn off some energy.

Additionally, tantrums may be a way for dogs to get attention from their owners. Dogs are social creatures who thrive on companionship, so if they feel like they’re being ignored, they may resort to desperate measures such as throwing a tantrum.

Finally, some experts believe that tantrums may be caused by anxiety or frustration, much like in humans. If a dog is feeling stressed or overwhelmed, they may lash out in an attempt to relieve the pressure.

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