Dog Starts Sniffing And Tugging At Woman’s Stomach, So She Rushes To The Doctor

Cari was shocked when her 5-year-old Beagle, Walter, came out of nowhere and began tugging at her stomach. The dog was sniffing and licking her belly vigorously and he just wouldn’t stop! Shortly after, Cari was thrilled to learn that she was 6 weeks along in her pregnancy. Looks like her genius dog broke the good news way before the doctors did!

Source: Fitness on the Run/YouTube

Throughout the pregnancy, Walter and his doggie sister, Bindy, would regularly kiss and snuggle up to Cari’s growing belly. The would-be mom would often ask, “Where’s the baby?”, and her dogs would come running to smooch all over her belly! Thanks to Walter and Bindy, Cari’s pregnancy was a smooth sailing!

Source: Fitness on the Run/YouTube

Eventually, Cari and her husband, Jon, were ecstatic to welcome their daughter, Averi! But the parents also knew that having a toddler around will be an entirely new experience for their dogs. So before introducing Averi to her doggie siblings, Jon made Walter and Bindy sniff the baby’s blanket to be familiar with her scent. Smart move!

Source: Fitness on the Run/YouTube

This cute video not only documents Walter’s pregnancy detection skills, but also captures baby Averi’s heart-melting first encounter with her doting furry siblings. We bet this video will have you smiling in no time!

Click the video below to watch how Walter predicted Cari’s pregnancy and helped her get ready for the baby!

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