Friendly Dog Survives Being Shot In Head By Burglars

When Chris Watson came home after a night shift he found his home completely ransacked. When he called for Anubis and the dog didn’t answer, he called police and waited for them to arrive and check over the home before going in. When they found Anubis, they saw that he had a bullet hole in his head. The dog was rushed to the vet where his family got the miraculous news.

Photo credit: Facebook

The 5-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback is very, very lucky that the bullet did not go through his skull. Instead, it had deflected off his skull and lodged in his neck, missing any major arteries and blood vessels.

Watson told ABC News that his dog is taking the trauma a lot better than he is, adding Anubis is extremely friendly and loves people. That’s why he can’t understand why anyone would want to shoot him in the head.

“Anubis is my son,” Watson told the news station. “I can have my items stolen or my house damaged, and all that is replaceable. But Anubis? He’s family.”

Thank goodness Anubis is going to be all right. I hope they catch the criminals responsible!

Watch the full story in the video below.

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