Dog Severely Burned In Fire Is Dumped At Shelter, But Firefighter Saves The Day

A Lab named Lexi survived a terrifying accident when the place where she was living caught on fire. She was the only dog who survived, but her body was badly injured and she was in so much pain.

Instead of giving her the love and care she needed in order to recover, her family didn’t want her any longer. That hurt poor Lexi even deeper, but life goes on and this sweet lady is a real fighter.

Soon after the accident, Lexi was taken in by the friendly and caring staff of Ruff Start Rescue in Minnesota.

At the time the fire started, Lexi was inside her kennel, and the plastic of the kennel stuck to her body as it melted. We can’t even imagine how painful that was. But despite all that, Lexi’s foster mom Sarah Hecklinski said how the dog was sweet and wagged her tail.

“She didn’t care about any of it,” Hecklinski told Fox 9. “As long as you were petting her, touching her and loving her, she was game.”

The story of Lexi’s courage spread after the staff from the shelter shared it on their Instagram page. That’s when Travis Oliver, a firefighter, saw Lexi for the first time.

He would often check the posts about her recovery, and having saved so many animals from fire, he felt like he should adopt her and give her a loving home.

At first, his application was denied because he lived a few states over, but he was determined to welcome Lexi in his family’s life. Oliver wrote the shelter an e-mail and explained why he was the right person to adopt the lovely creature.

“I think they’ll understand what a fire does to a person who has to go through it and they can easily relate that to a dog,” Hecklinski shared to Fox 9.

We are so happy Lexi could find a home with someone so caring like Oliver. He believes this story would help other animals in similar situation as Lexi find their happy ending.

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