Dog Senses Soldier Dad’s Return Without Seeing Him, Goes Berserk & Smothers Him

Soldier Gabriel Carlos’ first assignment was a deployment far-off in South Korea.

He was particularly sad to leave his wife Charrette Padilla and his beloved dog named Benny, whom he called the “dog version” of himself.


Source: Charrette Padilla/Facebook


In this video, we see Gabriel returning home after 9 months of service. After reuniting with Charrette at the airport, Gabriel is excited to see Benny at home.

The past few months had been extra-hard for Benny, as the poor dog had no idea where Gabriel went. Gabriel knows this and wants to give his Benny boy a nice surprise!

When Gabriel finally arrives at home, he hides from Benny in a different room. However, his scent is enough to alert Benny of his presence!

The sweet pooch just knows that his dad is home and starts running through different rooms until he finds him!


Source: Charrette Padilla/Facebook


Benny is bursting with joy when he finally sees Gabriel! He runs to Dad with tail-wags and throws himself at him with all his love.

Gabriel and Benny smother each other in hugs and kisses and it makes for one of the most heartwarming reunions ever.

Looks like they missed each other way too much!

Check out the video below to watch Gabriel receive the warmest welcome from his furry best friend!

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