Dog Alerts Mother After Down’s Syndrome Son Locks Himself In Tumble Dryer

A child's life has been saved by the family dog after it caught the attention of a mother whose son had locked himself inside a spinning tumble dryer.

Five-year-old Riley Gedge-Duffy, who has Down's syndrome, ended up burning his arms, back, and head during the ordeal, which Mrs Duffy didn't see as she was vacuuming.

It was only when dog Teddy – a cockapoo – started barking that she knew something was up.

Image: PA

Husband Aaron Duffy told MailOnline: “My son Riley trapped himself inside the tumble dryer and when he closed the door, the tumble dryer automatically started.

“My wife was upstairs Hoovering, my other son was watching TV and the dog alerted my wife that something was up.

“They went downstairs and he was going round and round the tumble dryer.”

Riley was taken to Ulster Hospital, Dundonald, in the Co Down area of Northern Ireland where he continues to get treatment. A spokeswoman for Ulster said the boy is in a ‘comfortable' condition.

Teddy. Image: PA

Mr Duffy spoke about the dangers of leaving children alone, saying “Riley was born with Down's syndrome so he likes to take himself off and do his own thing.

‘He is a loveable wee character, does his own thing and is always smiling.

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‘He is forever hiding in the wardrobe or he has often taken himself off into the dog run in the garden to hide.

‘But, what concerns me was the tumble dryer – our one, when you close the door, it automatically goes. I just want to make other families with young children aware of what can happen.”

Get well soon, lad.

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  1. Don’t buy it. First of all the picture and sentence implies the child was in a dryer that was on. How did he close the door himself if he was inside???? And second how did it get turned on????????

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