Dog Only Knows One Trick, And It’s The Art Of Balancing Anything On His Head

Harlso the 5-year-old Daschund has become the internet’s new viral sensation thanks to his impeccable balancing act.

His internet stardom reached new heights recently when he has crowned Northern Ireland’s Social Media Personality of the Year!


Dad Paul Lavery remembers the day he accidentally discovered Harlso’s hidden talent for balancing things on his head.

Paul had playfully placed a squeaky toy on Harlso’s head, but was shocked to see his dog standing still like a statue until the toy was removed!

Since that day, Harlso has been balancing the most random things on his head!

Harlso is quite possessive about his talent too. Whenever he sees his doggie friends trying to replicate his balancing skills, he goes adorably green with envy and stages hilarious antics to foil their balancing act!

What a diva!


Harlso’s bizarre stunt has also secured him a place in Guinness World Records’ list of “Amazing Animals.”  

However, Paul cheekily remarks that the massive internet fame hasn’t changed a thing about Harlso – he was bossy before and he is equally bossy now!


Apart from his balancing act, Harlso also has a thing for bow-ties, and is the proud owner of over 300 bow-ties!

This video is a stunning compilation of Harlso’s many jaw-dropping balancing acts. You’ll be in awe of his drive and concentration!

Click the video below to watch the amazing Harlso effortlessly balancing random objects on his head!

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