How To Tell Your Dog ‘I Love You’ In A Way They’ll Understand

Do you love your dog? Most dog owners have a special place in their heart for their four-legged friends — they can be the most caring, playful, generous, and emotionally understanding pets out there.

Whether you got your dog from a shelter, a pound, a pet store, or a breeder, every dog deserves a loving home.

While most dogs can tell that you love them from the way you treat them (and the fact that you give them food and a roof over their head), there are lots of ways you can show it.

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We always want to show our dogs how much we love them, but most dog owners know that dogs don’t exactly respond to human love the same way another human might.

Instead of smothering your dog with hugs and kisses, give them some love in a way they can actually appreciate.

Below are eight ways you can tell your dog you love them in a language they will understand!

Humans Don't Communicate Love The Same Way Dogs Do

As much as you might love giving your dogs hugs and kisses, chances are they don’t particularly enjoy it.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t find hugs a happy experience — but that doesn’t mean they don’t like affection!

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How To Tell Your Dog You Love Them In Their Language

Dogs do love affection from their owners — you just have to know the right way to treat them.

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  1. I do all of these things and I agree with all except that dogs do not like hugs….SOME dogs do not like hugs. My dogs come to me and we have a hugum luvum signal when THEY want hugs….The big dog stands and puts her paws on my shoulders and the little one will climb in my lap and do the same….and THEY initiate the hugs….so not all dogs dislike them.

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