Dog keeps kidnapping tiny turtles and taking them home to ‘make friends’

One dog keeps going out of her way to make friends with turtles, even though dogs frequently create the strangest friendships with cats, bunnies, and even chickens.

Mya the Great Pyrenees has grown fond of the little snakes and frequently “kidnaps” them to bring home.

Mya’s 19-year-old owner Rachel Laposka recorded her most recent catch and posted the humorous video on TikTok, where social media followers fell in love with her sweet disposition.

The white dog, six years old, is seen waiting at the back door to be let in with a turtle in her mouth.

She lies on the ground with her cheeks full and shows no desire to let go of the small animal. Mya finally drops the turtle to the ground after much prodding from Rachel and gives it a guilty glance.

American student Rachel, who is from Sharpsburg, Georgia, claims that the white dog has taken turtles home before.

“Mya only recently discovered she can pick up turtles, and she’s only done it twice,” Rachel explained.

“She’s a great Pyrenees, which is a breed that used to be used for things like herding and protecting cattle on a farm.

“Chances are she saw the little turtle and decided she wanted to protect it, it’s also likely she saw it and just wanted a friend.”

As fans laughed at her “stubborn character” and desperate attempts to make friends, the video won the hearts of TikTokers and amassed 1.4 million views.

Mya was cautioned by numerous animal enthusiasts not to adopt wild animals, with one saying: “She’ll learn her lesson when one of them bites her on the mouth.”

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