Dog Instantly Freeze As Vets Put Recovery Cone On His Neck

The video of an American Bully who froze in place when he received his cone has gained over 6 million views in one day after the dog Mushu’s hilarious reaction at the vets was recorded.

The vet placed the clear cone around his neck—used to prevent a dog from irritating an injury or stitches. Mushu immediately froze in place as his eyes doubled in size. “It’s okay Mushu,” reassured his owner.

“Mushu, come here baby,” they called, which again proved unsuccessful. Instead, the dog stayed exactly put, failing to move even when a treat was waved in his face.

Even when he’s at home, Mushu stays frozen.  “Someone is not happy with his cone,” wrote his owner in a video.

According to East Valley Animal Hospital, making sure a dog has lots of space to move around without bumping into things is important while being able to eat and drink comfortably.

Mushu’s instant reaction to the cone has garnered the attention of netizens, and many users also commented on the hilarious moment.

Watch the video here:

Although Mushu’s reaction is hilarious, it’s far from uncommon, with online dog forums filled with questions and similar stories.

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