Dog Has A Special Way Of Comforting Herself When Her Owners Aren’t Around

“Soon I was surrounded by my dad’s shoes on the floor..”

Our canine friends all have their own ways in coping with our absence and waiting for their owners to return home from work or school. As sociable pack animals, dogs will become unhappy or even stressed when their family members leave. Hence, they are always joyful when we return.

One Reddit user showed just how much his dog, Luna, misses him – he had posted a picture of his dog comforting herself in a very peculiar way. Luna had thought everyone had left her behind, and this was her method in coping with their sudden absence. It was only a 30-minute grocery store trip for the family, but seemed like eternity for Luna.

Justin Grosjean’s post read: “When I leave the house, my dog takes one of my shoes and lays with it (she never chews them). Well, this weekend my wife and kids were out of town and I went to Home Depot for 30 minutes – and came home to this. I think she panicked and thought we all left. Broke my heart.”

“She’s my best friend,” he adds on. “I love this dog more than I’ll ever be able to express. She almost died from IMHA (Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia) and I spent a year and more money than I thought – nursing her back to health. I don’t think I’ll ever bond with a dog quite like I have with her.”

This story of the mini Bull Terrier had prompted many dog lovers to respond to Jason’s post – with similar stories of their own canines as well. One Redditor user, SchnoodleDoodleDo wrote a poem dedicated to Luna:

“When daddy leaves the house i have to go n find a shoe
It’s not like i destroy it, but it’s what i like to do
To go ‘n find a special one, ‘n bring it to my bed

It comforts me makes me think that he is here instead
but once when mommy took the kids, daddy went out, too
I did my thing n found a shoe, but then i wanted two,
then I got another, n another made it four
soon I was surrounded by my dad’s shoes on the floor..
The smell of him surrounded me – I finally could rest..

then I heard his FOOTSTEPS – that’s the sound I like the best!

You see, I truly love this guy, much more than you’d believe..
Tonight I’m taking All his shoes – so he can never leave!”

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