Dog Phones Mom When He Misses Her – She Dies Of Laughter When She Hears Him ‘Sing’ To Her

Sometimes when you miss someone a lot, you just have to pick up that phone and call them. So that’s what Stanley did when he was missing his mommy.

Stanley, an Airedale terrier, is very close and very attached to his mom.

He couldn’t wait for her to come home because he was missing her so much so his human dad decided to call up his mom so that Stanley could tell her just how much he loves her.

Yes, this dog can carry a phone conversation. Even if he’s not “talking” per say.

He communicates with his mom and you can tell he understands what she is saying and that whatever he says back to her, he means it!

Stanley’s mom answers the phone in a professional way and the Airedale stays silent until his dad prompts him.

“Stanely,” his dad says.

That’s when Stanley starts making his grumbly dog noises. His mom hears him and calls out his name. Stanley immediately perks up when he hears his mom call his name.

“Stanley, I love you!” she tells him.

Stanley immediately starts howling back as his mom, seeming to say, “I love you too mom!” in dog language.

“Were you a good boy today Stanley?,” his mom asks.

Stanley howls right back at his mom telling her that, “Yes,” he was a very good boy. Stanley’s mom asks if he liked his present and he responds. Then Stanley takes control of the conversation and starts chattering away to his mom.

“Tell me you love me,” she tells him.

Stanley, of course, immediately replies sweetly howling back at his mother with love.

“Your my good big baby boy,” she tells him.

“Do you love your momma?” his dad asks.

That’s when Stanley seems to start singing about his love for his mother and howls long and sweetly for her. His dad asks Stanley the same question again, and again Stanley sings his mother’s praises.

“Tell her,” his dad says.

Prompting Stanley to howl even louder and longer.

“Do you miss your mamma? Tell her,” his dad says.

And of course, Stanley does. Talk about a mamma’s boy!

“Say goodbye,” his dad tells him.

But uttering those words is just too much for Stanley, he walks off not wanting to say them.

Instead, Stanley apparently prefers a “See ya later.” Stanley’s adorable antics captured the hearts of millions as a video of him got more than 9 million views. You can watch it below.

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