Dog Brought Back To The Shelter For Being “Too Clingy”

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from anxiety too. They can be clingy and needy which to most dog lovers, makes them quite adorable.

But one dog’s owner felt her needy nature made her impossible to live with.

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Jubilee wanted to be by her owner’s side constantly. She would follow him around, want to be on his lap when he’d sit down.

She was basically a love bug. but instead of embracing this (and loving every minute!), her owner brought her back to the shelter.

The owner claimed that her anxiety also made her destructive. She destroyed a section of his couch and part of the baseboard.

Could it have been because she wanted attention and affection and was instead pushed away? Hmmmm.

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This dog owner didn’t deserve Jubilee anyway and bringing her back to the Montgomery County Shelter in Texas was a blessing for this pup.

On the flip side, it was good that Jubliee was surrendered if she was unwanted. We would hate for a dog to be resented or mistreated, right?

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The shelter shared Jubliee’s story and the public fell in love with the “clingy” dog. Who could blame them, right? In fact, Jubilee only spent ONE day in the shelter before a family stepped up and adopted her. YAY!

Jubliee’s new family gave her a stable home, a new furry best friend (their dog named Abby), and a trainer who would work with the pup on her anxiety issues.

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While many of us will never understand Jubliee’s previous owner’s actions, we can at least agree on one thing: This loving pup ended up exactly where she belongs!

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