Dog arrived at shelter too fat to move — now he’s looking for a new home to help in weight loss journey

Dog arrived at shelter too fat to move — now he’s looking for a new home to help in weight loss journey

Just like humans, dogs and cats sometimes struggle with their weight, and sometimes the problem gets bad enough that it can really take a toll on their health and wellbeing.

One tiny dog named Jammy arrived at a shelter so heavy he could barely move — but he’s made some strides and is now looking for a home that will help him get fit.

Marin Humane, an independent nonprofit animal rescue based in Novato, California, recently took in an 11-year-old dog named Jammy. He is likely a Miniature Pinscher with some Chihuahua mixed in — but when he was found, this “mini” dog was actually quite huge.

At more than 17 pounds, Jammy was severely overweight, nearly doubling the average weight for an adult Min Pin. In a Facebook post, the rescue said his weight made it “difficult for him to move around.”

On top of his obesity, Jammy was also suffering from 13 stones in his gallbladder and urethra. “He was urinating blood and clearly in pain,” Marin Humane wrote. Thankfully, they were able to perform emergency surgery to remove the stones, proving some much-needed relief.

That was the beginning of a turnaround for sweet Jammy, who through a healthy diet and exercise also began to lose weight. Jammy is down one pound, “which is a lot when you’re a Min Pin,” they wrote.

Through it all, Jammy was a trooper and his bright personality began to shine through. His friends at the shelter say he likes to go on walks and explore, snuggle and play with cat toys.

“Jammy is a charming, funny little dude,” Julia Lamont, social media and marketing specialist at Marin Humane, told The Dodo. “He’s friendly and easy-going, and he’s been social with everyone he’s met.

Jammy is now looking for a forever home, one that will give him a healthy diet and exercise and help him along his weight loss journey. Marin Humane called him a “fantastic companion for cozy nights at home, hanging in the backyard, and strolls around the neighborhood.”

For some thin-spiration, Jammy can look to other formerly-obese shelter rescues, like Patches, the viral fat cat who has made weight loss strides since his adoption last year.

If you are in the area and interested in adopting Jammy, you can reach out to Marin Humane at 415-506-6225 for an introduction.

We hope Jammy finds a great home soon and continues to lose weight! Please share this story to spread the word and help Jammy get adopted! ❤️

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