Dog’s been missing for 2 years, but watch when he finally hears his owner’s voice again

As a pet owner, it’s something you wish would never happen to you. For Bosco’s owner, however, his worst nightmares became true when Bosco, a beagle mix, managed to get himself loose one day and decided to go out and explore the world without his owner.

Unfortunately, Bosco explored a bit too much and when he tried to return home, he realized he was lost and he had no idea how to get back…

Bosco was scared and he was alone, but he knew he would have to find a way to survive if he was ever going to be reunited with his owner in the future.

So for 764 days, Bosco would wait at local restaurants and for food scraps in the garbage in order to eat enough food to survive. It’s a sad fact, but Bosco’s story isn’t an isolated case.

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There are too many dogs that venture a bit too far out in order to explore and tragically become separated from their owners in the process. Many of these lost dogs never see their owners again, but Bosco’s story was far from over…

Nearly two years later, Bosco was hunting for dog food when he came across a delicious smell that he knew he had to try. As he approached closer and closer to the smell, Bosco was surprised that he found himself trapped in a cage with no way of escaping!

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Fortunately, these humans weren’t looking to hurt Bosco. In fact, these humans did some research and find out that Bosco’s original owner had moved away so they arranged a video call so that Bosco could reunite with his owner online via Face Time.

Although the in person reunion hasn’t happened yet, I’m just ecstatic that Bosco is now safe and sound after all this time.

Check out a video of the online reunion on the next page and let us know what you think!

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108 thoughts on “Dog’s been missing for 2 years, but watch when he finally hears his owner’s voice again

  1. I’m sure he has a great owner, but owning a canine is like your child. You can leave him alone in a car with the windows open or closed. One is too hot, one he may escape. Constant vigilance is necessary. You always have to be thinking of your canine, even if your enjoying something else at the time. There is not a minute goes by, I’m not thinking about my canine, hes either in the house , int he auto with somebody, or in a large fenced yard with somone. I never lost a canine and I had a max of 8 at one time. Never came close to losing one. You always have to be on guard; I know most people are ,most of the time , but its that other second, that they take off !!! Even if a friend calls you over which means leaving your canine alone, I wouldn,t

  2. What I would like to know was why they had him chained up in the backyard if they care about him so much put them in the$#%&!@*house that is a family member maybe he shouldn’t go back home to be out in the backyard again! From a caring animal lover

  3. Have they been reunited? Bosco was shaking so much and obviously scared – hope his owner spoils thus gorgeous senior for the remainder of his senior years. And keeps him safe and secure unable to escape again as that would be tragic and too stressful for this beautiful boy.

  4. The video doesn’t work & I’m so confused by this story… The owners moved away during the 2 years their dog went missing & then after learning where their dog is they still haven’t been reunited yet?? They don’t seem like they really care all that much… If one of my dogs were found after being missing for ANY amount of time I would be there in person immediately.

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