Doctor Hits Gentle Dog With Hammer & Shoots Him, Claims It Was In Self-Defense

Cops are looking for a practicing doctor named Joseph Stubbers III who is accused of hitting his 5-year-old English Mastiff named Cooper with a hammer and mutilating him.

Many neighbors, including kids, heard Joseph violently firing multiple handgun shots at Cooper in the garage.

Source: Brad Underwood/Twitter

By the time the neighbors called 911, Joseph was already cleaning the garage with bleach while his bleeding dog was losing consciousness. He was vomiting continuously, which indicated brain injury. His right eye was completely thrashed and oozing with blood. Cops arrived and immediately rushed Cooper to the ER.

The cops later got a search warrant and found bullets and other evidence of the crime on the property. Joseph maintains that the violent dog latched on to his arm, so he decided to…  Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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