Deserted Pit Bull Rescued From Parking Lot Becomes First Ever Pit Bull Police Officer

Much has been said and written about the stereotypes associated with pit bulls, and it seems more and more people are starting to realize that dog behavior has more to do with how the owner raised him than with aspects related to genetics.

But we still have a long way to go before we can change the way most people see Pit Bulls. The truth is, many people still consider these dogs to be aggressive by nature.

That’s why they’re afraid to be close, even next to children. This is why many people cross the road when they see a Pit Bull approaching.

That’s why we need more stories like this. The story has the power to challenge stereotypes, showing that it’s never okay to judge a book by the cover and assume that a particular thing is true just because it’s said many times.

The protagonist of this impressive story is an amazing dog named Kiah, New York State’s first pit bull police officer.

Like many dogs, he was abandoned by his previous owner in a grocery store parking lot. The owner just disposed of him as if it were something that could be thrown in the trash if not needed.

Fortunately for Kiah, he managed to change his life and complete a program to train the rescued Pit Bull to become a police k9. These amazing workouts are great because they serve multiple purposes.

Exceptionally, they help get more dogs out of the street and give them the opportunity to live a happy life. Second, they help make the streets a little safer by having extra eyes (and feet) to keep people safe in the community.

In recent years, like Leonard, Ohio’s first pit bull police officer, it has become very common for pit bulls to come to the K9.

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