Dedicated Wildlife Guardian Takes Nap With 4 Orphaned Bears To Help Them Fall Asleep

Some people do their best for their love of wildlife, despite the fact that these creatures weigh around 1,500 pound. This dedicated wildlife keeper is willing to do anything to keep the four bears in his care. Even if it means taking a nap next to them.

Jim Kowalczik has always loved animals and worked tirelessly to help and protect animals, especially bears. So, to help all the hopeless bear cubs, Jim and his wife Susan founded The Orphaned Wildlife Center, a rehabilitation center for orphaned bears in Otisville, New York.

Since 1990, the couple have cared for too many bears in need. But Jim had never had such a strong bond with any animal that lived here, as he has with his four favorite bears (two Kodiak bears and two Syrian brown bears).

These four arrived at the Center almost 10 years ago and over time a very strong and special bond has been formed between them and the person who cares for them.

The relationship they share is so special that Jim even sleeps with them to feel comfortable. In a series of touching scenes, this benevolent man is seen sleeping next to his four giant friends.

As you can imagine, Jim and his furry friends sleep side by side but do a variety of fun activities together. What everyone seems to like is playing in the snow.

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