Dancer Falls To The Ground And The Dog Brings Audience To Their Feet

We know that dogs are incredibly smart. They can also be incredibly talented. Take this duo from Italy, Lusy Imbergerova, and her super dog Deril, for instance.

When they step onto the stage at the FCI Dog Dancing Championship, it’s obvious that this duo came to win!

Once the music starts, Deril realizes that this is the moment he’s been training for!


Lucy and Deril embody two soldiers training in boot camp. Deril’s moves are so human-like, it’s mindblowing! They trot about, doing military exercises.

The Dog Dance World Championship competitors should create a routine that showcases the dog’s willingness to cooperate and follow the handler’s instructions. It seems Lusy and Deril have that part in the bag!

Deril’s facial expressions tell us that he loves his dance partner AND he loves being on that stage. He doesn’t stop smiling!

From weaving in and out of her legs to aiding in Lusy’s sit-ups, Deril doesn’t miss a beat. Then, the song changes and something rhythmic turns to an emotional moment on the “battlefield.”


A faux grenade is thrown and Lusy goes down. Deril’s next move changes the mood in the room. The audience erupts in applause. And I might’ve shed a tear or two watching. It’s that incredible!

Dogs never fail to blow me away, especially dogs like Deril, who are obviously deeply connected with their human.


Watch the video but be prepared to get all the feels! BIG TIME!

Photos courtesy of YouTube video below:

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