Dalmatian Expected to Have Three Puppies, Surprisingly She Gave Birth to Eighteen Babies

Once our dog became pregnant it makes us excited right? We cannot predict how many puppies she carries and are tempted to call the vet to know. We also wanted to make sure that the delivery will go well and safe.

Dog trainer Cecilia Bunker immediately refer her Dalmatian dog, Miley to the vet once she knew she was pregnant.


Cecilia is already an expert in managing this situation. For 27 years of extensive work with dogs, she knew what to expect.

She also ensures that Miley’s pup is safe and healthy by regularly monitoring and taking Miley to the vet.


After an ultrasound and X-ray, they expected the number of puppies is three. However, Cecilia suspects the pregnancy prediction since Miley has a large body.

However, she set her suspicions aside and makes sure that she is with Miley all the way through her pregnancy.


When it’s Miley’s time to give birth, many vet nurses assisted the delivery. Miley gave birth to three pups as expected, but suddenly another one came out, then another, and another. She gave birth to a total of eighteen puppies!


Average Dalmatian litters are only 8-10 pups and their first would always be smaller. Cecilia and the vet nurses were surprised by the 18 puppies. The delivery lasts for 13 hours.

“I thought she’s stopped after number fifteen because it looked like she had laid down to go to sleep. But then along came another one and two more after that. Miley is making a charming mum. I’m immensely proud of her; she’s been amazing.” Cecilia said.


They temporarily dyed dots on the puppies’ necks to determine them until the collars arrived.


Meanwhile, Miley hit a record-breaking achievement given by the Australian National Kennel Club as the most significant litter in Australian history out of over 40,000 Dalmatian births.


Welcoming dogs in the world are one of the most beautiful feeling and Cecilia is lucky to have eighteen additional fur babies. What an incredible dog Miley is!

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