Lonely Dog Spent 2,531 Days In A Shelter, Waiting For Someone To Love And Adopt Her

As dog lovers, we strongly believe every dog should be adopted into loving homes, and not spend their days in a shelter. But what would you say about this dog, who spent a whopping 2,531 days at a shelter?!

Facebook/Santa Barbara Humane Society

Dahlia, a Pit Bull mix, was brought into the Santa Barbara Humane Society (SBHS) in California in October 2008. She was just a 6-month-old puppy at the time. No one knew how long she would be at the shelter. But no one in their wildest dreams would have thought she would spend the next 7 years there!

Please share Dahlia's video with your friends and family! Lets find this loving girl a #foreverhome. Contact the Santa Barbara Humane Society to meet this loving girl.

Posted by Shelley Greenbaum on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Even though puppies have a better chance of getting adopted than older dogs, everyone who visited the shelter kept overlooking Dahlia. It must have been so sad for her, seeing all her friends get adopted one by one, and she being left behind every time.

After 7 years of missing the adoption bus, the shelter decided to kick things up a notch and use the help of social media to help find Dahlia a forever home.

Facebook/Santa Barbara Humane Society

The shelter posted this photo on their Facebook page in the hopes that it would get someone to open their home to her. They also wrote that she’s a sweet dog who likes to snuggle, is loyal, and likes to please.

The trick worked! The shelter received hundreds of calls enquiring about Dahlia. She was finally adopted by a man from Orange County.

Facebook/Santa Barbara Humane Society

The Humane Society was ecstatic. They updated people with this statement, “We are over the moon! For all of you that asked about how Dahlia is doing…she has found her forever home!! Thank you to everyone that shared her story and reached out to us!”

We’re overjoyed that Dahlia found a forever home after 7 long years! If you’re looking to get a dog, please consider adopting a dog from a shelter!

Check out the video below to watch Dahlia’s incredible story.

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