OMG! Cutest Bulldog Puppy Ever?!

We might have found the cutest bulldog puppy ever!

Well, if not, we say this little wrinkly cutie pie must be waaaay up there in the cutest puppy-o-meter!

These cute critters have no idea the effect they have on people. Too darn adorable and precious! And a total chick magnet too! lol

Just the right amount of chubbiness, roundness and wrinkles. He's sooooo adorable!

Check out the fat little velvety, wrinkly, warm lump of love on the next page:

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114 thoughts on “OMG! Cutest Bulldog Puppy Ever?!

  1. Whoever is holding the leash is not very knowledgeable about handling and training pupoies…all that twitching and snaking the leash. They’re getting ready to yank on it at the end of the video, too. Not impressed.

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