The 2-day old goats can dance. Watching this happy dance will definitely make your day!

If you aren’t already happy that it’s Friday, these dancing pygmy goats will definitely put you in a good mood! Little, furry, and fully of crazy energy these little goats skip, tumble, and hop with happiness and we can’t help but smile.

Every time I see a video of these cute little goats I cannot stop laughing. The way they hop around, run and bounce off things, and just the overall cheerfulness they seem to exhibit. It instantly brings a smile to anyone’s face. So what are these fascinating goats all about?

Pygmy is a small species of goat that has been domesticated. The natural territory they stem from is in West Africa, but now can be found all over the world. They are similar to other species of goats as well. They graze on grains and grass, can adapt to many different climates, and can produce a large quantity of milk.

So what makes a Pygmy goat so special? Well, they are very social goats for one. They LOVE to play and run around with other animals, not just goats either. They are known to be very friendly and affectionate. Pygmy or Nigerian Dwarf goats make great companions and often farmers or ranchers will buy them for that purchase, rather than for food or milk production. They can jump unusually high, so often you will see videos, such as this one, where they are just hopping around on everyone and everything. Pygmy goats also love to swim! If there is a fresh pond of water, don’t be surprised to see them in it.

Where can we get our own pygmy goat?

I really see no downside to owning one of these cute little creatures. They might just be the perfect pet.

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