Crowd Gathers For Tug-Of-War Battle Between Bomb Robot And Police Dog

Police dogs are known for many qualities including intelligence, tenacity, and the ability to fight crime. Police bomb robots are very much like their canine counterparts except for one very important quality: They aren’t real.

So when a police dog in Raleigh, North Carolina went face-to-face with a local bomb robot, things got very interesting.

Lucci is a Belgian Malinois who works as a police dog for the Raleigh Police Department. When he met the robot, no one expected the hilarity and cuteness that would ensue.

Source: ABC 11

As a police officer controlled the remote to the robotic bomb unit, Lucci engaged with it in a friendly game of tug-of-war. Onlookers had a great time watching the epic battle, with local kids cheering the pooch on.

After the most adorable game was over, the robot decided to spread the love with another dog in the park. It took hold of the animal’s leash and took it for a walk down the sidewalk. Of course, cameras were there to capture it on video.

Source: ABC 11

Social media has fallen in love with this tug-of-war video that you must see to believe. Check it out by pressing play below.

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