CPR for Dogs: Do You Know What To Do If Your Dog Stops Breathing?

Here are a couple of very helpful videos showing you how to perform CPR on a dog. It's always good to have multiple perspectives 🙂

In this first video, Elaine Acker, former CEO of Pets America, demonstrates a technique for performing CPR on dogs. Check out the video below:

In this second video, Dog safety expert Melanie Monteiro demonstrates how to perform CPR on a dog.

Check out the video below:

Please share this useful information with your pet-loving family and friends. You never know when you might save a life!

448 thoughts on “CPR for Dogs: Do You Know What To Do If Your Dog Stops Breathing?

  1. My female GSD was chocking twice. Second time she was in full panic clawing at her snout with both paws. I had to heimlich her both times. Lifting a 120 pound dog was a breeze when your ma ma instincts in.

  2. Just a tip, as someone who has done cpr (for humans) course annually for the past decade. Rescue breaths are not mandatory, so if you’re worried about giving them, don’t. Clear the airways manually and give compressions to raise blood pressure and keep oxygen flowing to the brain. It’s like a water pump though, if your compressions aren’t frequent enough or hard enough, the blood pressure won’t rise enough to keep your pet alive.

  3. It’s an amazing video. I couldn’t stop crying when watching the video. Knowing how to do dog CPR will help save my dog Buttercup’s life. Everyone has a dog must watch this video. Thanks for sharing!

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