CPR For Dogs Every Dog Owner Needs To Know How To Perform

Do you know what to do if your dog stops breathing?

Knowing a few emergency procedures, such as CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and the Heimlich maneuver for dogs, could be critical in saving your dog's life because if you find your dog is choking, or having difficulty breathing, you may not have time to get to a vet and your dog could suffocate.

You can't beat attending a real CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) class held and taught by a reputable and qualified organization such as the American Red Cross, but an emergency guide on how to perform an emergency CPR on your dog could go a long way.. and could even save your pooch's life!

Watch this AMAZING real life scenario caught on video where a man performs CPR to a dog who stopped breathing and successfully save the dog's life below:

Below is a handy infographic published by the American Red Cross illustrating how to perform emergency CPR on your dog.

You can download it, print it out and put on the walls or be kept on hand in case of an emergency.

Save the infographics guide below where you can access it in an emergency.

In addition, watch these two very helpful instructional videos that will give you clear instructions and illustrations of performing proper CPR for your dog.

It's always good to have multiple perspectives 🙂

In this first video, Elaine Acker, former CEO of Pets America, demonstrates a technique for performing CPR on dogs. Check out the video below:

In this second video, Dog safety expert Melanie Monteiro demonstrates how to perform CPR on a dog.

Check out the video below:

Please share this useful information with your pet-loving family and friends. You never know when you might save a life!

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