Couple Held At Gunpoint As Teenagers Steal Their 2-Month-Old Dachshund Pup

Praveena Dewers and her boyfriend Shawn Rozinski were out on a walk with their two-month-old miniature Dachshund, Loki, in Denver, Colorado. They were in the vicinity of a playground in Utica when two teenagers got out of a car and asked if they could take some photos with Loki. Dewers allowed the boys to hold Loki and take the photo but they would not give the pup back.

Source: Shawn Ro/Facebook

Instead of returning the little guy to his rightful owners, the teenagers brandished a gun and pointed it at the couple. They warned the duo not to try and take the puppy away from them.

The boys, aged 13 and 17 took off with the pup in a car described as a “beaten-up black 2005 Saturn VUE.” The couple is devastated by the puppy theft and is concerned for the dog’s well-being. In addition to posting details of the dognapping on several missing pet message boards, Shawn posted details and photos of Loki to his Facebook page.

Source: Shawn Ro/Facebook

“We are still looking for Loki if we can still keep an eye out and keep sharing this I have no doubts that we can get him back safe and sound,” Shawn posted.

Source: Shawn Ro/Facebook

Anyone with information on Loki’s whereabouts or the suspects is asked to contact the Denver Police Department. Shawn asked for anyone to also contact them at 720-470-0341. We hope Loki is safely returned to his rightful owners soon.

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