[RECIPE] Super Simple Grain Free, Egg Free Coconut and Pear Cookie for Dogs

Want to give your dog a sweet and healthy treat? I just came across this awesome coconut and pear dog cookies by K9 Instincts.

The great thing about this particular dog cookie recipe is that it's super simple to follow and make, very inexpensive to make, and it's a grain free and egg free recipe which makes it great for dogs with allergies!

Check out this super simple, grain free, egg free coconut and pear dog cookie recipe by K9 Instincts below:

A healthy, nutritious homemade coconut and pear dog cookie recipe that is grain free and egg free, making it ideal for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities! Minimal, healthy ingredients ensure that you and feeding your dogs food that is good for the body and tastes delicious!

Coconut flour is grain and gluten free and is a healthy, low carbohydrate alternative to bleached grain flour. Coconut flour is especially good for helping to improve the skin and coat. Coconut oil is a healthy, easily digestible oil that helps improve the skin and coat condition! Raw, local honey is also great for dogs with allergies and provides a healthy sweetness to the treat! Lastly, this recipe uses pear puree (or baby food) as a main flavor ingredient and is sure to satisfy your dogs!


1/2 cup of coconut flour
1/2 cup of pear puree or pear baby food
1 tablespoon of raw, local honey
2 tablespoons of virgin, unrefined coconut oil
3 tablespoons of water

Check out the original article at K9 Instincts to see the entire recipe and the directions on how to make this awesome dog cookies for your doggies!

Content and Image Source: K9 Instincts

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