Motherly Cockatiel Kisses & Sings To Sleeping Baby, Helps The Baby Sleep Better

Cockatiels are known to be very affectionate birds. While they are easy to take care of, they do have a tendency to get quite restless if kept caged or if they are not petted or rubbed on their crest for a long time!

Source: Rebekah Failla/YouTube

In this sweet video, we see a cockatiel watch over a baby with a calm and gentle disposition.

The cockatiel is initially curious about the baby, so she stares at him intently, just observing him as he sleeps. But soon, she is completely besotted by the tiny human!

The cockatiel can’t hold herself back any longer! She bends down and gently kisses the baby’s nose a few times.

After a while, she notices that the baby is struggling with very light and uneasy sleep. So, she channels her motherly side and thinks of a cute trick to help him sleep better.

Source: Rebekah Failla/YouTube

Like an angel, the cockatiel breaks into melodious chirps, hoping that it calms the baby down! Her soothing whistles sound like a mellow lullaby.

Soon, we see the baby drifting off in a deep slumber. What a beautiful and thoughtful bird!

Click the video below to watch this adorable cockatiel sing the baby to sleep!

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