Clever Pup Plays Dead To Avoid Vet Visit, So Mom Targets Her Only Weakness

Having an intelligent dog can be a tricky thing. While you can teach them the coolest tricks to perfection, sometimes, a smart pup can also give you a hard time, like in this hilarious video!

Source: Fun Kiwi Kids/YouTube

A 2-year-old dog named Lulu is due to get spayed. As Mom is getting ready for the vet visit, Lulu’s brain starts doing the math, and she realizes that an uncomfortable visit to the dreaded vet clinic is incoming.

So she comes up with a plan. She decides to play dead with full conviction!

Throughout the video, we see Mom struggle to get Lulu out of the bed. She gives her belly rubs, pulls her blankets, but nothing works.

Lulu stays frozen like a statue in a funny ‘dead’ position, hoping that Mom gives up!

Source: Fun Kiwi Kids/YouTube

But, Mom knows better. At times like these, she must use the one secret trick that easily breaks through Lulu’s firm defenses!

The moment Mom pulls this trick, Lulu drops her over-the-top acting shenanigans and springs to life.

We won’t spoil the surprise for you by revealing what the trick is! You’ll have to find out yourself by watching this short video. Trust us, it’s worth it!

Click the video below to watch Lulu hilariously play dead like a seasoned actor, before giving in to her one weakness!

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