Chihuahua Knew She Loved The Mailman From First Day They Met

Chihuahua Knew She Loved The Mailman From First Day They Met

From the day Frannie met the mailman, she knew she loved him. Frannie’s mom, Lisa Laskey, recently shared a heartwarming video showing how the friendship is going two and a half years later.

Since Frannie was just a few weeks old, she loved postman Dan Larsen and began waiting by the door every day so that she could say hello to her best friend.

To say they’ve got a special bond is an understatement as you’ll see in the heartwarming clips below:

Lisa said that the friendship between Frannie and Dan began simply enough. “The mailman had just pulled up. I didn’t really know the guy. I said, ‘Hey, you want to meet the newest member of my family?’ And I was holding her really close because she was tiny. And he said, ‘Yeah, sure, why not?’ And he turned his truck off. He got out of the mail truck, handed her to him, and she went bonkers kissing his face like just over and over and over, like she knew him for years and years. And she was, you know, barely 12 weeks old. And I thought, this is super unusual,” Lisa revealed on TikTok.

Since then, Lisa has filmed more of the two friends interacting and it’s hard not to shed happy tears when watching the two friends together.

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