Chihuahua and bully mix are unlikely best friends, placed up for adoption as a duo — soon get a happy ending

Chihuahua and bully mix are unlikely best friends, placed up for adoption as a duo — soon get a happy ending

When you’re a shelter dog, it helps to have a best friend by your side. Some doggy duos are so close and inseparable that shelters try to get them adopted as a pair, to ensure that they don’t have to get split up.

Recently, one shelter took in an unlikely pair of besties and knew they were true BFFS — and soon they got a remarkable happy ending.

Arthur, a 7-year-old Chihuahua, and Stanley, a 4-year-old bully mix, were found together on the streets of Sacramento, and brought to the care of the local Bradshaw Animal Shelter.

“We learned from neighbors that they were friendly dogs who had previously lived together,” Luna Anona, the shelter’s public information officer, told Newsweek. “Their owners never did come to reclaim them, so they became available for adoption.”

While the “odd couple” dogs look like something of an unlikely pair — they’re very different breeds and Stanley is quite bigger — the two dogs were as close as could be.

viral TikTok shared by the shelter shows the two “besties” going on walks together, “staring into the lobby” together and sharing a couch:

“They are so funny together because they couldn’t look less alike, and yet, they’re so familiar with one another that it’s like they communicate telepathically — they always seem to know what the other one is thinking,” Anona told People.

The dogs were placed up for adoption, but the shelter felt they were so close they couldn’t bear to split them apart. They decided to put the up for adoption as a bonded pair, hoping someone would be willing to take in both friends.

It can be extra challenging to find homes for two dogs at once, especially dogs as different as Stanley and Arthur, but Bradshaw Animal Shelter knew they had to try.

“We know it’s unlikely that they’ll find a home together, but we want to try,” they wrote on TikTok.

Their story warmed hearts online — hundreds of comments express their love for these best friends.

“This is the cutest pair,” one comment reads. “Wishing them the best forever home together.”

“Oh, Stanley & Arthur simply must go home together,” another wrote.

One comment calls them a “real life Timon and Pumba.” Others offered to help cover the adoption or transport fees.

Then, on March 22, Bradshaw Animal Shelter announced incredible news: Arthur and Stanley have been adopted together!

“Best friends Arthur and Stanley will get to be roommates forever!” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

“Thank you to everyone who shared the story of this adorable odd couple, and thank you to adopter Alex for giving them a loving home.”

What an adorable pair of best friends — we’re so glad Stanley and Arthur found a home together! Thank you to the shelter and adopter Alex for making sure this inseparable duo gets to stick together!

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