Sarcastic Dog Faces His Humans And Mocks Them By Imitating How They Talk

Charlie the dog loves to hang out with his 2 human sisters, but he hates that their supposed “play-dates” are all talk and no play!

The young girls are literally chatterboxes who won’t stop jumping from one random topic of discussion to the next, leaving poor Charlie bored out of his wits!

Source: ViralMedia/YouTube

In this video, we see a frustrated Charlie confronting his “talkative” sisters in the most hilarious manner!

The cheeky pooch actually tries to “out-speak” his little humans by erupting in a loud “blah-blah-blah” rant of his own.

He opens his mouth wide and lets out the wildest blah-blah-blahs just to make fun of his gossiping siblings!

Source: ViralMedia/YouTube

The sisters are shocked to find themselves being mocked by their dear doggie brother, and they eventually realize what it’s like to be left out of a conversation!

They acknowledge Charlie’s grievances and try to distract him, but he is in no mood to let the issue go. Charlie intensifies his cranky tirade as he smothers his sisters with another solid set of blah-blah-blahs!

Source: ViralMedia/YouTube

Charlie bickering away back and forth with his sisters is way too entertaining, and we love how he manages to be adorable and savage at the same time! He sure loves teasing his doting sisters for attention.

Don’t forget to keep your volume up for this riotous argumentative conversation!

Click the video below to watch Charlie’s hysterical rebellion as he shushes his talkative sisters!

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