Cesar Millan Breaks Up A Dangerous Pit bull and German Shepherd Dog Fight

When a fight between a pit bull and German Shepherd breaks out, Cesar Millan must jump in to prevent more blood from being spilled.

Cesar has seen it before. Two families bring their dogs together and a scary fight ensues. In the clip below, a vicious dog fight breaks outs between a German Shepherd and a Pit Bull.

Thankfully, Cesar is there to break it up before more blood is shed. A scared owner covers her ears and turns around while Cesar manages to separate the two dogs from each other.

Afterward, he assesses the damage. The pit bull, Nani, is bleeding from his leg. Cesar recommends she get examined right away. The German Shepherd, Blitz, also needs to go to the hospital. Cesar’s personal veterinarian also arrives on the scene to examine the dogs to provide emergency treatment. Both dogs have minor injuries but are going to be okay.

Cesar says both adding tension and separating the dogs completely after a fight is the worst thing you can do. Going forward, these dogs will need to meet every single day to solve this problem.

As for the owner’s part in this, Sydney will need to learn how to achieve a calm assertive energy around the dogs.

Here are few more tips to start off the relationship between two dog’s right:

1) Dogs should meet in a neutral territory and take a long walk together, side-by-side.

2) If a fight breaks out, as an owner, you must try and remain calm. Focus on the dog with the higher energy, use touch to redirect their attention, and pull up as opposed to back.

3) Don’t keep the dogs separated but make sure they socialize with each other. The owner needs to establish themselves as the pack leader.

Reward your dogs for being calm. As an owner, you should also remain calm, and do not live in fear that these dog fights will become routine.

Oftentimes, the best way to stop a dog fight is to be ready, and prevent them from even happening.

Watch the video below to see how Cesar Millan sets out to make sure these large dogs make amends. Cesar makes sure to reset their energy – ultimately allowing the dogs to be at peace with each other, and allowing for this couple to also be together without fear of a fight breaking out.

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