8 cats and dogs that prove you don’t need to be the same species to be best friends

Cats and dogs may have a reputation for not getting along, but that isn’t always true. Many people are able to successfully keep dogs and cats in the same house. Some peoples’ cats and dogs simply tolerate each other, but others quickly become best friends. Many cats and dogs end up spending most of their time together, playing with each other and protecting each other.

Cats and dogs can form strong bonds, and they show that bond by cuddling. Here are some adorable examples of cats and dogs who love curling up together!

These two animals may be sleepy, but they’re still watching what’s going on in their house.

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We love how protective this dog is of his cat friend. These two animals have each other’s backs!

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If you squint, you can see the black pup camouflaged on the chair. The cat clearly enjoys cuddling with his invisible friend.

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This little puppy loves being the same size as his cat friend. The puppy and the cat are definitely going to be shocked when the puppy grows up and gets much bigger than his friend.

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These two animals know that nap-time is always better when you share it with a friend.

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This lucky dog has two different cats to nap with. Both cats love cuddling next to the fluffy pup.

This cat and dog are almost exactly the same size, making them the perfect cuddle buddies!

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It’s clear that this yawning cat and his big dog friend love each other. Just look at how the pup pulls the tired cat closer to him to protect him while he’s sleeping!

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