Cat who loves the snow can’t go outside anymore… so his owners surprise him by bringing it inside

Winter is coming fast, the weather’s getting cold, and many areas have begun to get their first snowfalls of the season. While it’s not good to leave your pets exposed to icy cold weather too long, it’s still always fun to see them run around in the snow.


Some pets really love running and rolling around in the snow, but few animals go as crazy for snow as one cat named Dibs, who loves it so much he’s known as Dibs the Snow Cat.

But when Dibs couldn’t go outside to play in the snow anymore, his owners decided they would bring it to him!

When Dibs’ owners Nate Troy and Sara Stromseth-Troy first took the cat in, they let him be a indoor-outdoor cat. Watching him play outside in the winter, they realized how much this cat loved the snow.

“That first winter, Dibs played outside in the snow for hours, frolicking, leaping and having the time of his life,” Sara told The Dodo. “I have never seen anything like it.”

Dibs loved the outdoors… but unfortunately, they decided it was safer for him to stay inside, saying that he was likely to run away or be killed if let out.

“We let him be an indoor-outdoor cat for his first year with us, but he would get into fights with other strays, run across the road, etc,” Sara explained on Reddit. “We constantly worried about him getting hurt or hit by a car.”

While he was safe and sound, Dibs still missed the outdoors… especially the snow.

But as the wintery weather hit this season, the couple decided to compromise, finding a clever solution to make their cat’s day.

Instead of letting him outside, they’d just bring the snow indoors!

They shoveled a pile of fresh snowfall into their house, and Dibs was overjoyed, pawing and rolling in the snow:

That cute video has turned Dibs into a viral star… and his parents have been happy to keep the snow coming.

“He is always excited when he sees the shovelful of snow and we call out, ‘Dibs!! Snow,’” Sara told The Dodo. “He meows back to us in response and runs out to the porch each time.” 

It’s a great example of the lengths we go to keep our pets happy—sure, they might be left with a wet carpet, but none of that matters when you see the look of pure joy on this cat’s face.

Enjoy your snow, Dibs! We hope it keeps falling all winter just for you.

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