Cat Has Most Heartwarming Reaction When He Sees The Owner He Lost Years Ago

There are some bonds that not even death can break. The love between an animal and its owner is an irreplaceable one that nothing can ever take away.

Remember that as you witness one of the most beautiful moments of love in this story.

Years after his beloved owner passed away, a cat is shown a video of the person on a tablet. As the cat sits nearly in a trance, watching the person, it is clear he recognizes his loved one.

Source: The Paw/YouTube

As he tails swishes side to side and he grows ever more intent on the video, something very amazing happens about halfway through.

The cat literally curls up to the device and snuggles alongside his loved one. The look of comfort on the cat’s face is worth is one of the most touching moments you will see.

Source: The Paw/YouTube

Although it is heartbreaking to know the owner won’t return in person, we hope that seeing him on video gave this kitty a deserving hug from heaven.

See for yourself when you watch the precious video below.

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