Cat sneaks into Amazon box, accidentally gets shipped 650 miles from home

Cat sneaks into Amazon box, accidentally gets shipped 650 miles from home

Cats are very curious animals. They love to explore the home and crawl into tight spaces, and many owners have experienced finding their pet felines in most unexpected places.

Recently that led to a strange experience for one family. Curiosity didn’t quite “kill the cat,” but it caused her to be shipped 650 miles away from home!

Carrie Stevens Clark and her husband Matt Clark, from Lehi, Utah, are the owners of a cat named Galena. Like many cats, she enjoys hiding in boxes.

“She’s a hider,” Carrie told KSL. “She loves to play in boxes. It’s just a part of her personality.”

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The couple panicked on April 10, when their beloved cat suddenly went missing. For a week, they searched the neighborhood and put up flyers.

Then, they got a call — and discovered that Galena was all the way in Riverside, California, 650 miles away.

It turned out that, unbeknownst to the couple, Galena snuck into an Amazon shipping box that they were using to return some shoes. Without realizing it, they shipped their cat across the country!

Galena was discovered by an Amazon employee, who took her in. A veterinarian found the cat’s microchip and was able to contact the family, who were completely shocked.

“I just couldn’t even believe that she was in California. I thought it was a prank. It’s still hard to wrap my brain around,” Carrie said.

It was a rough journey for Galena: according to KLS, she went six days without food or water. But other than being dehydrated, she was unharmed and has made a full recovery. The box was open enough to give her air, and she didn’t experience any severe temperatures.

As soon as they got the news, the couple booked a flight to reunite with their pet.

They say the story has an important lesson: always get your pets microchipped, and always “triple-check your Amazon boxes.” They also expressed gratitude to all the people who helped Galena make it home safe.

“It was just the best because I know that under other circumstances, she wouldn’t have been found,” Carrie said. “We’re just so happy to have her again.”

What a crazy story! We’re so glad Galena is doing well and is back home safe with her family! Remember to check your packages for any curious pets! 🙀

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