Dog Starts Making The Creepiest Noises Whenever Dad Says The Word “Squirrel”

It is a universally well-known fact that squirrels can make dogs stop doing whatever it is they’re doing, and focus on finding that squirrel. This real-life running gag was made all the more popular in the Pixar movie “Up”, where all the dogs suddenly stop talking or moving the moment the word “squirrel” is said.

But a year before the movie was released, a Jack Russel Terrier showed us just how much dogs hate squirrels. As any Jack Russel owner would tell you, the breed does not know it’s own size and will even attack a lion if it wanted to.

And this Jack Russel’s owner knew just how temperamental his dog was, so he decided to test her squirrel-hate and capture her reactions on video. The first few times he utters the word “squirrel”, the Jack Russel, Callie, begins to softly groan and whine. But it just takes a few utterances before she goes into full demon-mode.

She hates squirrels with a vengeance, and she makes no qualms about letting them know it. She barks the creepiest barks that are sure to send chills down the spine of any squirrel within a 10-mile radius!

If you listen carefully, at the 0: 30-second mark you can actually hear the dad going “They are everywhere,” and Callie replying “THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!”

Watch the video below to watch this Jack Russel’s creepy bark and her insane, yet cute, personality!

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